Find Rotiboy on L2 - 2-FC8

Rotiboy started out as a product driven brand. We owe all our achievement to date to our signature bun, the one and only “rotiboybun”, which has since become the generic name of the Mexican bun recipe it was based on.

Butter filling and coffee flavored topping, it is a bun like no other. Best when it is fresh from the oven, it has a crispy exterior and moist, soft insides, exuding a sweet beautiful aroma that seduces the masses to enjoy the “I tasted heaven..”, “wonderful bun” , “bundelicious” experience that no any other buns can deliver. Certainly, its unique taste and aroma have attracted various accolades such as “One bun to rule them all”.. “no other bun comes close…”

You can find Roti Boy on 2nd Floor #2-03B

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