Find Gulu Gulu on L1 - 1-IU-18

Gulu Gulu is Indonesia’s First and Fastest growing Authentic Taiwanese Cheese Tea that offers a unique tea drink experience with its delicious and refreshing varieties of imported Taiwanese highlands tea leaves and cheese foam. Gulu Gulu was established by the Sour Sally Group – the frozen yogurt pioneer in Indonesia with more than 50 stores nationwide and a decade of experience in retail and F&B franchise – in 2017.

A concoction of freshly brewed finest quality Taiwanese highlands imported Tea leaves topped with thick layer of frothy rich and creamy imported Cheese Foam sprinkled with sea-salt, added with crunchy biscuit stick to make it more fun to drink.

The distinctive taste and aroma of Green Tea Jasmine, Quan Yin Tea and Black Tea produces top-notch base tea and works very well with Gulu Gulu’s signature Cheese Tea served both hot and cold.

You can find Gulu Gulu on 1st Floor #1-IU-18

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