Find Cinema XXI The Premiere on L2 - 2-01B

CINEMA 21 under PT. Nusantara Sejahtera Raya is the largest cinema group in Indonesia, which started its work in the entertainment industry since 1987. More than 31 years, CINEMA 21 is committed to always providing the best viewing experience and comfort for the people of Indonesia. As of July this year, CINEMA 21 had a total of 1123 screens spread across 48 cities in 202 locations throughout Indonesia.

In addition to presenting films produced by children of the nation, CINEMA 21 also shows world-class movies. Cinema XXI at DP Mall Semarang will serve you with 7 Atmos audio quality studios and the one and only “Premiere” Studio in Semarang.

You can find Cinema XXI on 2nd Floor

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