Join our Chinese New Year Event with Barongsai Performance, Calligraphy, Hong Shui Reader and many other great performance. This month, 24-26 January 2020

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BRB! Penning down New Year’s Resolutions this evening. But first, a nice hot cuppa of Ginger tea and @sephoracollection Aloe Vera Hand Mask to prep the sesh 😌✨

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Karakter kartun ikonik dari cerita klasik buku Disney siap menemani momen liburanmu dalam koleksi terbaru UT Disney Stories

Some people said, someone’s character can be read from their Chinese zodiac. Surprisely, they also said that your job, future, and luckiness is predictable. Take photo with your zodiac on our Chinese New Year Decoration from 17 January 2020

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Opening Swatch-DP Mall Semarang akan membawa Anda dan sahabat berlibur bersama. Cek info selengkapnya di Instagram DP Mall Semarang